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    Introduction of metal injection molding process
    Metal injection molding MIM is a component manufacturing technology.Also known as sintered products,This technique maximizes the solid particle content and completely removes the binder in the subsequent degreasing sintering process, thereby densifying the forming blank.This powder metallurgy process is known as metal powder injection molding. MIM technology features:Complex parts with final shape and size can be directly prepared.For example, asymmetrical parts, parts with grooves, transverse holes, blind holes, parts with large changes in wall thickness, parts with surface patterns and text, etc.The product performance is superior, because the MIM product microstructure is uniform, there is no thick crystal structure and component segregation in the casting process, the product density is high, the product strength, hardness, derivative rate and other mechanical properties are high, the wear resistance is good, the structure is uniform, it is obviously better than precision casting
Metal Injection Molding

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