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    MIM ​Technical application
    MIM Technical application 1. Computer and its auxiliary facilities: such as printer parts, magnetic core, firing pin, driving parts; 2. Tools: such as drill bit, cutter head, nozzle, gun drill, spiral milling cutter, punch, socket, wrench, electrical tools, hand tools, etc.; 3. Domestic appliances: such as watch case, watch chain, electric toothbrush, scissors, fan, golf ball head, jewelry chain ring, ballpoint pen clamp, cutting tool head and other parts; 4. Parts for medical machinery: such as orthodontic braces, scissors and tweezers; 5. Military parts: missile tail fin, gun parts, warhead, medicine cover, credit parts; 6. Electrical parts: electronic packaging, micro motor, electronic parts, sensor parts; 7. Mechanical parts: such as loose cotton machine, textile machine, edging machine, office machinery, etc.; 8. Automobile and ship parts: such as clutch inner ring, fork sleeve, distributor sleeve, valve guide, synchronous hub, airbag parts, etc.
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