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    Powder Metallurgy Helical Gears
    Metal powder metallurgy process is suitable for helical gears
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    Metal powder injection molding technology
    China has made remarkable achievements in the manufacture of precision parts. MIM technology Metal (ceramic) powder injection molding technology is a cross-disciplinary product integrating plastic molding technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology and metal materials science. It can use injection molds to inject blanks and quickly produce high density through sintering. High-precision, three-dimensional, complex-shaped structural parts can quickly and accurately materialize design ideas into products with certain structures and functional characteristics, and can directly produce parts in batches, which is a one-time change in the manufacturing industry. Metal powder injection molding technology not only has the advantages of less conventional powder metallurgy process steps, no cutting or less cutting, but also greatly improves economic benefits. It also overcomes traditional powder metallurgy process products, uneven materials, low mechanical properties, difficult t
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    Powder metallurgy process of surface treatment
    Powder metallurgy surface treatment :(after heat treatment, cutting and polishing) Suitable for ferrous powder metallurgy and stainless steel powder metallurgy
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    Metal powder injection molding technology for micro stainless steel products(small gear parts)
    Metal powder injection molding is new net shape forming technology,which is the result of plastic injection technology combined with powder metallurgy technology.This technology has the same principle with plastic injection technology,the equipments are also similar with the plastic injection molding method,the difference is that the part which produced by MIM need remove resin and sinter to get the finished part.The feature of this technology make is suit to produce small complex shap and quantity products. MIM process can be used to form parts with highly complex structure. The blank of the product is injected into the injection molding machine to ensure that the material fully fills the mold cavity, which also ensures the realization of parts with complex structure
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    MIM powder metallurgy injection molding /precision parts
    mim powder metallurgy injection molding /precision parts: lock accessories lock tongue lock core lock fork According to the performance requirements of different products, we specialize in the production of various complex structural parts and functional accessories, which can be customized according to plans and samples, especially complex shaped high-precision and high-strength products. Specializing in the production of powder metallurgy lock accessories: lock core, lock tongue, square tongue, oblique tongue, safety tongue, knob, fork, lock body, lock head and other lock accessories.
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    Powder metallurgy electrical parts
    Household appliances are closely related to people's life, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, ventilation fans, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, food processors, electric shavers, hair dryers, tape recorders, video recorders and so on.The most widely used in household appliances is sintered metal oil-bearing powder metallurgy parts. P/m components in automatic washing machines. As early as the early 1970s, general electric (ge) replaced two machined steel components in the transmission of the "agitation" automatic washing machine with two redesigned p/m components, the locking tube and the spin tube.The reproduced design of these two powder metallurgy parts improves production cost and product quality, reduces material, labor and management costs, and saves us $250,000 per year.In addition, powder metallurgy can have relatively large tolerances.Can improve the quality of the gearbox. The powder metallurgy parts in the electric fan, the electric fan is on
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    Why choose metal injection molding process
    MIM is compared with traditional powder metallurgy MIM can make products with complex shapes, avoiding more secondary machining. MIM products have high density, good corrosion resistance, high strength and good ductility. MIM can combine 2 or more PM products into one MIM product, saving materials and processes.
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    Analysis of Market Structure and Development Trend of China Powder Metallurgy Industry in 2018
    The market concentration of the powder metallurgy industry is high. The future will be closer to the head. Powder metallurgy plays an important role in the manufacturing industry. The development of the powder metallurgy industry is conducive to the healthy development of the region. At present, the global powder metallurgy market is mainly concentrated in North and South America, while in the Chinese market, it is mainly concentrated in East China and Central China. In the competition of enterprises, the concentration of powder metallurgy industry is high. In the future, with the continuous improvement of the requirements for powder metallurgy technology, the production capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated step by step.
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