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    Metal injection molding consumer electronics
    SIM card producted by MIM process which can be easy to meet customer demand for cost control. Complicated products are more suitable for MIM process.
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    Powder metallurgy injection molding sintered parts
    MIM Sintering is the final step in the MIM process, eliminating pores between powder particles.Enable MIM products to achieve full density or near full density.Due to the use of a large number of binders in metal injection molding technology, the sintering shrinkage is very large, the shrinkage rate is generally up to 13%-25%, so there is a problem of deformation control and dimensional accuracy control.In particular, because most MIM products are special-shaped parts with complex shapes, this problem becomes more and more prominent. Uniform feeding is a key factor for the dimensional accuracy and deformation control of final sintered products.The high density of powder shaking can reduce the shrinkage of sintering.There is also a carbon potential controlling factor in sintering for iron - based and stainless steel products.Due to the current price of fine powder is higher.It is an important way to reduce the production cost of powder injection molding to study the strengthened sinteri
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    What are the criteria for selecting MIM processes? Under what circumstances is the MIM process suitable?
    The process technology, materials and equipment of the MIM process have become more and more mature in China, and the application range is also very wide. The complex shape, small size and large output of the parts are the advantages of the MIM process. These strengths have led to a number of applications in electronic digital products, light weapons, watches, hand tools, orthodontic brackets, automotive engine parts, electronic seals, cutting tools and sports equipment. So, how to determine whether a product should choose MIM process, that is, what is the criterion for choosing MIM process? At present, there are mainly the following main items, and it is necessary to consider clearly before selecting the MIM process.
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