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    Metal powder injection molding technology for micro stainless steel products(small gear parts)
    Metal powder injection molding is new net shape forming technology,which is the result of plastic injection technology combined with powder metallurgy technology.This technology has the same principle with plastic injection technology,the equipments are also similar with the plastic injection molding method,the difference is that the part which produced by MIM need remove resin and sinter to get the finished part.The feature of this technology make is suit to produce small complex shap and quantity products. MIM process can be used to form parts with highly complex structure. The blank of the product is injected into the injection molding machine to ensure that the material fully fills the mold cavity, which also ensures the realization of parts with complex structure
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    MIM is main development direction of future powder metallurgy technology
    Metal injection molding is a new powder metallurgy near net forming technology through modern plastic injection molding technology.its basic processing is: mixing up metal porder and organic binder and form feeding,in the heating and plasticizing state(~150℃), puting feed to mould cavity in injection machines to get the green parts, consider the green parts have plastic,we used chemically or pyrolysed way to remove 98% plastic get the brown parts, the finaly step is sintering to remove the rest of 2% plastic and get the sintered parts. Compare with traditional process, its process have high precision, good performance, low cost and etc characteristic
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