Applicable material:

A variety of materials can be applied to MIM technology, including low alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel, nickel base alloy, tungsten alloy, hard alloy, titanium alloy, magnetic materials, Kovar alloy and so on.

Table 1 Typical MIM materials and applications:

Material CategoryMaterial TypeApplication
Fe-based alloysFe-2Ni, Fe-8Ni 310Various component of automobile and tool instudy
Stainless steel316L ,17-4PH, 420, 440CMedical equipment and horologe parts
Hard alloyWC-CoVarious cutter,horologe and wrist watch
CeramicAl 2O3 , ZrO2 , SiO2IT electronic,daily necessary and horologe
Heavy alloyW-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, W-CuMikitary industry,communication and daily necessaries
Titanium alloyTi,Ti-6Al-4VComponent of medical and military
Magnetic materialFe, Fe50Ni, Fe-SiVarious magnetic component
Tool steel42CrMo4,M2Tools
Copper alloy——heat conduction, electric conduction


Table 2 Typical properties of several MIM materials:

MaterialDensityHardnessTensile strengthElongation
g/cm 3洛氏MPa%
Fe-based alloysPIM-2200(烧结态)7.6045HRB29040
Stainless steelPIM – 316L (烧结态)7.8567HB52050
PIM- 17-4PH (烧结态)7.527HRC9006
PIM- 17-4PH (烧结态)7.540HRC11856
PIM – 440C (烧结态)7.565HRB41525
Tungsten alloy95%W-Ni-Fe18.13096025
Fine ceramicAl2O33.9HRA92Bending strength