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    Metal Powder Injection Molding: A Vibrant Global Industry

    Powder injection molding, including metal powder injection molding and ceramic injection molding, is a major manufacturing technology with an estimated annual sales of more than $2 billion and is growing.

    The production of metal powder injection molded parts accounts for about 90% of the total market of PIM products, and the global annual growth rate is still between 10-20%. Ceramic injection molded parts occupy a balance with tungsten carbide.

    Application of metal powder injection molding

    Many of the items we encounter in our daily lives, such as cars, smartphones, watches, medical equipment, household appliances, cameras, power tools, etc., contain metal injection molded parts.

    Regional market changes

    The market for metal powder injection molding by world region varies widely. In general, Asia is dominated by consumer electronics, North America is dominated by medical and orthodontic applications, while Europe is dominated by automobiles and consumer goods.

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