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    MIM is main development direction of future powder metallurgy technology

    Metal injection molding is a new powder metallurgy near net forming technology through modern plastic injection molding technology.its basic processing is: mixing up metal porder and organic binder and form feeding,in the heating and plasticizing state(~150℃), puting feed to mould cavity in injection machines to get the green parts, consider the green parts have plastic,we used chemically or pyrolysed way to remove 98% plastic get the brown parts, the finaly step is sintering to remove the rest of 2% plastic and get the sintered parts. Compare with traditional process, its process have high precision, good performance, low cost and etc characteristic

    s, its parts are widely used in electronic information engineering, biological medical devices, office equipment, automobile, machinery, hardware, sports equipment, watch industry, weapons and aerospace and other industrial fields. Thus, the international think that its development will lead to a revolution of spare parts forming and machinings.

    Parmatech company from USA invented it in 1973 year, many of European countries and Japan puted a lot of energy to research its technology, its process got the rapidly spead.Especially in the mid-1980s, its technology has achieved rapid development since industrialization, and has been increasing at an alarming rate per year. So far,more than one hundred companies in the United States, Western Europe, Japan and more than one hundred companies are working for development and sales of the technology. The competition is very position in Japan,mostly of large companies are involved in MIM industry,these company included Pacific metal, mitsubishi steel, kawasaki iron, kobe steel, sumitomo mines, seiko – epson, datong special steel, etc.At persent,there have over 40 companies specializing in the MIM industry in Japan, its total sales of MIM products have already sold more than Europe and are chasing America.So far, there have over 100 companies specializing in the MIM industry in global and MIM technology has become the most active high-end technology, has been pioneering technique by the world powder metallurgy industry.

    Metal injection molding is the products of plastic forming technology, polymer chemistry, powder metallurgy technology and metal materials science and other multidisciplinary penetration and crossing, its used mould to rapidly manufactured high density,high precision and complex structure parts, it can directly start to mass production, and also it is a new revolaution in manufaturing industries.Its process have less process,no-cutting or less cutting,high economic benefits etc advantages, and also overcome material non-uniform, poor mechanical properties, complex structure etc disadvantages of powder metallurgy,it particularly suit to mass production to mini,complicated and some special requests metal spare parts.

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